Garden Party


Sugar Lips dress via Hattie Sparks, Kate Spade clutch, Shoemint pumps, Forever 21 enamel earrings, Porter Lyons and Abeille Nola bracelets, vintage ring, Chloe sunnies

Morning, all! I wore this a few weekends ago to a tea party for the opera junior committee. They have such a lovely house and grounds and one of the singers serenaded us with a few songs. I considered adding a statement necklace to this, as it’s a nice white palette, but it can be easy to overdo things, so I decided to go the simple route instead. I prefer simple, to be honest, but I like to push myself a bit, as well.

I’m about to push myself outside my comfort zone and do a closet overhaul. That may not sound like a big deal, but I have a terrible time letting go. I blame my beloved grandmother and her packrat ways. But really, I have so many clothes that are really too young for me now. It gets to a point where you think…I wore this out for years and thought nothing of it, but now, what if a work colleague saw me in this? If you cringe at that point, it’s time to toss it. Unless, perhaps, it goes in the Mardi Gras box. That’s still fair game. Classic styles like this dress will make the cut, but it may be time to say goodbye to my multitude of stretchy mini skirts.

What needs to go from your own closet?

Preppy in Pink


Lilly Pulitzer seersucker skirt// Gap tank// JCrew cardigan// Kate Spade sandals// Foley + Corinna bag// vintage bracelets// American Eagle pearl earrings

Good morning readers! I wore this outfit running errands last week, after which I rewarded myself with a margarita from Juan’s. They never fail to surprise me with how strong they are, when I wake up the next morning still feeling that one margarita. Or maybe I just can’t drink anymore? Anyway, I bought this skirt at last season’s Lilly sale, so since my order from this year’s sale just shipped (exciting!), I figured it was time to break it out or give it a new home. I’m not really sure why I’ve never worn it, but it could have something to do with too many clothes in my closet. Oops. Nothing like Labor Day looming to push you to wear all of your seersucker favorites!

Although, I’m not even sure that people follow those rules anymore. I still wear white after Labor Day, but I shelve my seersucker, so I guess I pick and choose which rules to follow. I think those rules are rather outdated overall, but I do think seersucker should have a season. I don’t, however, believe in limiting a color to a certain season, as much as some people may fight me with the distinction of “winter white”. What do you think – do you follow the Labor Day rules or do you think they belong to a long-gone era?

Casual Weekend Wear


Target tee// Forever21 skirt & earrings// Foley + Corinna bag// Loren Hope necklace via Hattie Sparks// Betty Carre ring// Nars lipstick in Schiap// American Rag Chic sandals

I did some weekend running about in this casual outfit, from drinks to cooking for the homeless after church. My role was preparing the pudding and graham cracker dessert, so no worries about my open shoes, in case you were thinking this doesn’t really look like an outfit suitable for the kitchen. Although I am way over the high-lo trend, particularly with shirts because I can no longer find a normal one, I’ve ended up wearing this skirt A LOT. It’s comfortable and flows nicely, both good things in my book.

What really makes the outfit, though, is the necklace. I’ve been obsessed with it since I first saw it in the window at Hattie Sparks. And unlike some of my other statement necklaces that didn’t turn out to be such wise investments, I constantly reach for this piece (same with my other Loren Hope necklace!). I think the interlocking gold chains are what make it so versatile. Most other statement necklaces have a ton of hanging jewels that make them too ornate for my taste, but this one has just enough to add a little pizzazz. Want to see more? Loren Hope’s look book will leave you drooling over her gorgeous creations. Monday procrastination complete!


All the Wonder of a Child


After taking the bar, we headed to New York for the weekend. We didn’t get a chance to do a lot of the jam-packed days I liked to do while in the city because we were spending time with Ryan’s family, but we got to catch a show and wander a bit. There are so many beautiful places throughout New York that, like any place, aren’t necessarily in Frommer’s or Lonely Planet.

You don’t need a guidebook to tell you what’s art or what to appreciate. I appreciated this modern graffiti take on an old classic, the mosaics in the subway, and the architecture along the highline. But you don’t have to go to New York to find similar places of art and beauty; just keep your eyes peeled and you might be surprised by what you start to notice. Happy Friday!


Backyard Blue and Whites


Good morning! I won’t bore you with the details of my excessive driving the past few weeks, but suffice to say the bar is over, I’ve had extensive family time, and now I’m back and on the hunt for a job. I’m in a significantly better mood than before, as you may have noticed. Somehow, not having a job pales in comparison to the stress of taking the bar. That being said, I’m about to whip some cover letters into shape.

We took these photos before the bar, many moons ago, on our way to date night at one of our favorite restaurants on Freret St., High Hat Cafe. Although we have moved out of “the neighborhood”, we are still only a 15 minute walk away. We drive most places, though, due to the oppressive heat, so we are on the hunt for bikes to reduce our gas consumption and help us shape up. Any budget recommendations?

Speaking of budgets, aside from my bag, everything in this post cost less than $40! If you need to do a little sale shopping yourself, the annual Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale is going on now (if the website will ever stop crashing), but beware – it’s a dangerous place for your credit card!


American Eagle tank// JCrew skirt// Foley + Corinna bag// Stella and Beau necklace// earrings from Hemline boutique// American Rag Chic sandals// Nars lipstick in Schiap// Butter Nail Polish in Fruit Machine

Top 5 Eats: June

Last month, I celebrated my birthday in high style (thanks Ryan!) I also went Latin and then finished off the month with an American classic, all in New Orleans.

1. Le Foret – Veal ChopIMG_1854

Isn’t that one of the loveliest things you’ve ever seen? I thought I died and went to heaven when the server placed this in front of me. (Clearly, I am not a vegetarian, in case you were wondering.) This meal was one for the books. Not only was the veal chop divine, but the potatoes were out-of-this-world. Truly, I told Ryan to try one, and he was all ho hum potatoes, but when he tried them he agreed that these are the best potatoes in the world. Probably because they are cooked in bacon. Bacon just makes everything better. And the green beans (ahem, haricot verts) were good, too. What can I say, vegetables can only be so exciting, at least to me, carnivore extraordinaire.

2. Le Foret – Chocolate Ganache Cake


Le Foret gets a well-deserved two nods on my food list this month. My sweet tooth is virtually unmatched and this cake was right up my alley. As far as chocolate goes, I say the darker, the better. I was using a cell phone, so I’m not sure if you can adequately see the glisten of the ganache, but it was divine. Instead of the traditional raspberry sauce, Le Foret used blackberry, which coincidentally happens to be our favorite. In sum, I have to say, an edible birthday wish is the best kind.

3. Mais Arepas – Mechada ArepasIMG_1873

Holy guacamole, this place is good! We headed down to Central City during the Paws for Dinner to benefit the LASCPA. Bonus points for helping animals! The food needed no bonus points, though, as my mouth is watering just thinking about that mechada arepas. Filled with slow cooked beef, sofrito, mozzarella, and, my favorite, ripe plaintains, the mechada was my first introduction to Colombian cooking, and I must say, I am quite a fan. I was also a big fan of the simple, yet polished decor and open space, and the helpful server who recommended an excellent Malbec. Perfect ten.

4. Salu – Stuffed Chicken


Salu and I have had our moments back and forth, but some things are so good I can’t stay away. One thing that draws me back is the stuffed chicken. Here’s the description:┬áBoursin, Mascarpone, Basil, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Sherry Cream, Crispy Spinach. Need I say more?

5. Company Burger – The Single + Tater Tots

Le Foret veal chop

Burger and tots, ’nuff said. Plus, Anthony Bourdain likes it.

Floral Goes to Work



H&M skirt, Gap tee, JCrew wedges, necklace, and bracelet, Forever 21 bracelets and bag, Club Monaco earrings, Betty Carre ring, Nars lipstick in Funny Face

I wore this outfit on my last day of work at my campus job. I made very little money, but sadly it’s more than I’ve made at my internship (which would be nothing). It’s kind of crazy that you can be 26 years old, working for free. I know this is “the way things work”, but at some point, something’s gotta give, right? And not just for me; for everyone in this situation. I’m taking the bar in two weeks and will almost certainly be “volunteering” (i.e. working for free again) until I pass the bar. We don’t get our results until mid-October, so that’s just a long time looking down the road. And if I don’t pass, well, I may just have a mental breakdown. I’m trying to stay with the power of positive and I know it will all be ok eventually, but I feel like I’m on pins and needles until I pass and find a job. I’m sure many of you have been there and know how nerve-wracking the waiting game can be.

In the meantime, I’ll be re-mixing my old pieces and scouring the sales. It’s a fine line watching your favorite stores for deals and getting suckered into buying things you don’t need. I’m trying to get better at that and now have a “sleep on it” rule for almost every purchase. I’ve been holding off on clothes and buying some new jewelry to keep my old clothes interesting. I picked up this JCrew stunner 25% off during one of their sales and this bag for $20 at Forever 21. This is my first inexpensive bag and, while I have already noticed the clasp doesn’t stay quite right, it’s still an incredibly cheap way to diversify your bag collection, especially before you’re ready to commit to a particular style. Where do you save in your shopping budget?